The Watergate Moment in the Global Warming Theory



Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. -- Albert Einstein

Correspondence, Code, and Documents




It's Just How Scientist Speak. There is no story here. Move along little doggie, move along.


Uncontaminated Scientific Process


Hiding Secrets


The Claim that the Urban Heat Island Effect Was Trivial


Precise Climate Data


Unbiased Climatologist Hard at Work (Attacking Others)


The Team (Group Think or Conspiracy)


The Mainstream Media Cover-Up




Damage Control


The Climategate Timeline


Source of Leak


Where did the Global Warming Go?


Climategate 2: Rewriting History on Wikipedia


Climategate 3: Weathergate


Climategate 4: Googlegate


Climategate 5: BBCgate




Comparison to Watergate