Prolonged Psychological Fear Based on Unfounded/Distorted Claims:

Vaccines - a.k.a. The Great Autism Scare


This scare is aimed at depriving humanity of a valuable weapon in the war against major diseases and plagues. Each year there are 45 million cases of measles worldwide reported resulting in the premature death of 600,000 children. Hepatitis B has infected 2 billion people alive today, of whom 400 million are chronically infected and therefore at a higher risk of death from liver disease. As a result, six hundred thousand to a million Hepatitis B carriers die each year. Tuberculosis, once regarded as virtually under control, is making a deadly comeback. One third of the worlds population (1.7 billion people) are or have been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB). There are 8 million additional infections each year. TB causes 1.7 million deaths annually. Each year about 100,000 diphtheria cases are reported worldwide which produces 8,000 deaths. Influenza (flu) kills tens of millions of people in pandemic years and hundreds of thousands in non-pandemic years. There are about 300,000 - 600,000 neonatal tetanus deaths each year cutting short the lives of pregnant women and newborns. There are 60 million cases of pertussis each year resulting in 355,000 deaths. Vaccines annually prevent almost 6 million deaths worldwide. In the United States, for the nine diseases controlled by vaccines there has been a 99% decrease in incidences accompanied by a similar decline in mortality and disease sequelae.

What say yeah, Scarecrow? I say "this activist movement has no brain."

"What they need is a little courage!"